Global Cooling Prize prototypes now online

The Global Cooling Prize finalists’ prototypes have been installed for performance testing at the field test site in Bahadurgarh, India. The Global Cooling Prize is an innovation competition designed to spur development of a radically more energy-efficient cooling technology. Eight finalists were selected late last year, based upon their potential to have at least five times less climate […]

The Bend

UniSA and Glaciem claim engineering award

The University of South Australia and Glaciem Cooling Technologies have been announced as South Australia’s Engineering Excellence Award winner and the Sir William Hudson Award finalist for their work on The Bend Motorsport Park. The Bend Motorsport Park has now won several awards, including the 2018 AIRAH Award for Excellence in Refrigeration. The Bend was developed and […]

Events and conferences

Passive House Virtual Conference 2020

The Australian Passive House Association is holding the South Pacific Passive House Virtual Conference from October 12–16, 2020. The conference will explore the importance of good design, and will include presentations from international keynotes and local experts. To be held alongside a virtual trade show, the event has been planned to offer multiple opportunities for […]

Data centre

Microsoft’s underwater data centre resurfaces

In 2018, Microsoft’s Project Natick team stored the first data centre approximately 35m underwater near the Orkney Islands in Scotland. After monitoring the server for two years, the team recently retrieved the data centre. The concept of storing data centres under water was first conceived by Microsoft during ThinkWeek in 2014. According to this article, […]

Events and conferences

Webinar on geothermal systems

AIRAH is holding a Streamline webinar about geothermal systems on Thursday, October 1. Geothermal heating and cooling has become commonplace in Europe and the USA, but is still relatively new in Australia. This session will provide attendees with an understanding of geothermal systems, their suitability for different situations, and how to integrate them into projects. […]