Bill Gates backs green air conditioning startup

Software billionaire Bill Gates is investing in air conditioning startup Blue Frontier, a company that aims to develop technology that will improve air conditioning efficiency and reduce harmful environmental impacts. Blue Frontier has received a $20 million round of funding, with backers including Bill Gates’ investment fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures, among others. According to its […]


New VRV Round Flow Cassette from Daikin

Daikin has announced a new addition to its VRV Round Flow Cassette range: the Round Flow Cassette with Sensing and Streamer. According to Daikin, Streamer technology is the company’s latest advancement in integrated purification, effectively optimising indoor air quality for the comfort, wellbeing and productivity of building occupants. “Built into the cassette, the Streamer emits […]


Daikin launches new Stylish Controller

Daikin Australia has launched a new Stylish Controller, compatible with its VRV and SkyAir systems. Daikin says the new controller – measuring 85mm (H) x 85mm (W) x 25mm – was developed in response to increasing market demand for a simplified, convenient, modern looking and energy-efficient climate control solution in hotel and office buildings. “Combining […]


Mitsubishi Electric announces Diamond Dealer winners

Mitsubishi Electric Australia recently hosted its Diamond Dealer Awards weekend at Daydream Island, marking the annual celebration of the company’s dealer network. The three-night event gathered business owners from across the nation and included a “white island party” and sports-themed evening featuring keynote speakers. Among the speakers were Australian broadcast sports presenter, Erin Molan, who […]


Daikin releases MERV 8 filter

Daikin Australia has released its MERV 8 filter – BAF552A160. “This high-performance filter is designed to be easily retrofitted into VRV FXF(S)Q-AVM and SkyAir FCA-C(A)VMA Round Flow Cassettes to enhance their air filtration capabilities, improve indoor air quality and provide building occupants with healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environments,” Daikin says. “The Minimum Efficiency Reporting […]


Midea launches new Gaia split system

To be launched at ARBS 2022, the new Midea Gaia split system boasts an innovative “OxygenFresh Air Exchange System”, an I-Clean self-cleaning function, and “Breezeless Technology” with HEPA filtration and smart energy-saving features. “OxygenFresh Air Exchange technology can introduce up to 60m3/hr purified fresh air from outdoors, letting staleness out and freshness in,” Midea says. […]


Inaba Denko Slimduct now in black

Inaba Denko has added a new colour option to its internal and external PVC capping offering: black. “The Slimduct traditional colours of ivory and white already offer unique advantages to the installer,” says Inaba Denko. “Slimduct Black is a new important addition to the product range. Its quality is assured under extreme Aussie conditions, especially […]