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Fire compliance changes for soffit insulation

Insulation Australasia has circulated a statement alerting the industry to changes around fire compliance for soffit insulation in the new National Construction Code (NCC), adopted on May 1. “Soffit insulation manufacturers and building practitioners are alerted to the end of the concession period for acceptable demonstration of group numbers for building linings as required by the National […]

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Professional registration on track in Victoria

Victoria’s Legislative Assembly has passed the Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019. The legislation, modelled closely on the existing Queensland Professional Engineers Act, is intended to fulfill the government’s 2014 goal to introduce a mandatory, statutory registration scheme, and work with other jurisdictions to develop a nationally consistent registration scheme for engineers. “The government remains determined […]

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IEC rejects rise in flammable charge limit

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) committee responsible for IEC Standard 60335-2-89 has narrowly voted down a draft international standard that would have raised the allowable charge of flammable refrigerants in certain appliances. The vote comes after a five-year effort to raise the charge limit of flammable refrigerants such as propane and isobutane in some commercial […]

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BMF prioritises professional registration for engineers

Following an independent assessment of problems in the building and construction industry, the Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) has developed a roadmap for reform. And one of the key changes it has signalled is the need for a nationally harmonised registration scheme for building practitioners, including engineers. The implementation plan is a product of the Building […]

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Trajectory on track, but focus is on fire

The Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) met in Hobart on February 8 to discuss issues ranging from safety to energy efficiency. The BMF oversees policy and regulatory issues affecting Australia’s building and construction industries. It is made up of federal and state and territory government ministers who have responsibility for building and construction. It was thought […]

NCC 2019 Preview
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NCC 2019 Preview release

The NCC (National Construction Code) 2019 Preview has been released. Versions of all three volumes and the guide to volume one are now available to download as PDFs. The NCC sets the minimum acceptable standards for all new construction work in Australia. Since 2005, it has included provisions in Section J for energy efficiency, including […]