Trafalgar earns Australian Made certification

Fire containment expert Trafalgar recently obtained Australian Made certification for a number of its products. The green and gold stamp has been awarded to the patented Fyrebox Slab-Mounted, a fire-stopping device that eliminates many compliance issues commonly seen in multi-residential constructions. The Fyrebox Cast-In and Fyrebox Maxi from the Firebox family have also received Australian […]


Kirby to distribute Viper products

Kirby has announced a partnership with the SuperCool Group of Companies for the national distribution of Viper HVAC&R maintenance chemicals. The range includes Viper coil cleaners, as well as the original Big Blu micro leak detectors and application tools. More products will be offered over time. All Kirby branch and field staff have been given […]


Testo 400 arrives in Australia

Testo has launched a new range of indoor air quality (IAQ) instruments on the Australian market: the 400 series. “Testo’s 400 solution is an all-encompassing answer to airflow and IAQ questions,” says the company. “It combines smart technology, intuitive user features and diverse applicability in one sophisticated instrument.” Probes are designed so they can be […]

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KSB announces pump management seminar

Pump specialist KSB Australia is hosting a seminar in Adelaide to highlight a new range of monitoring and automation products. “Be among the first to learn about innovative new ways to manage your pump assets,” says the company. “Gone are the days of reactive maintenance. Partnering with KSB Australia and our new technologies means you’ll spend less time trouble-shooting and […]


New corrosion-free piping solution

GF Piping Systems has released Cool-Fit 2.0, a new pre-insulated piping system for chilled water applications in commercial HVAC&R, building and process industries. The PE100 pipes and fittings are insulated with 22mm of high density polyurethane (PUR) foam and protected with a jacket. “Cool-Fit 2.0 is the corrosion- and condensation-free solution for the transport of […]


Heatcraft enhances SmartAccess portal

Heatcraft has released new developments to the SmartAccess customer portal. These enhancements, within the Project Tools platform, are aimed at providing greater functionality and saving time for customers. Users can now build large multi-systems within a single project, create multiple loads within a single system and more easily access the heat load calculator, which has […]

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Heatcraft rebrands as Kirby

As part of an Australia-wide rebrand, Heatcraft has announced a new trading name and logo. The Heatcraft business will now be known as Kirby. The rebrand is an evolution of the acquisition of Heatcraft Australia by Beijer Ref in April 2018. “The new logo, Kirby – A Beijer Ref Company, unifies the business with the […]


Daikin releases Madoka controller

Daikin has released its latest wired remote controller, Madoka. “Designed with a focus on enhancing the user experience, the Madoka controller can be installed in any modern interior space including offices, hotel rooms, retail stores, healthcare environments and residential homes,” says Daikin. “In residential applications, it makes scheduling simple and enables homeowners to activate extra […]


Eurothermal announces new chiller series

Eurothermal has announced the Blue Box Omicron range, a new high-efficiency four-pipe modular multi-functional chiller. With a cooling and heating capacity from 100 to 900kW, the Omicron range has been designed to provide cooling and heating simultaneously, with claimed efficiency at full-load COP greater than 3.1, and a combined cool and hot total efficiency ratio […]