A cool career move for Woolworths manager

Geoffrey Craggs is proving it’s never too late to follow your passions, after switching roles from a duty manager to an apprentice refrigeration technician within the Woolworths Food Group.

Craggs migrated to Australia from Belgium in 2012, and is now settled in Rockdale, Sydney. After working as a duty manager for nine years he wanted to try a new career path and completed the Certificate II in Electrotechnology at TAFE NSW.

Aged 32, Craggs has now secured a job as an apprentice refrigeration technician at Woolworths, where he helps install new refrigeration systems. As refrigeration optimisation and maintenance plays an important role in reducing electricity use and minimising refrigerant leaks, Craggs says he enjoys helping the supermarket company reach its sustainability goals.

Woolworths is working hard to reduce its carbon emissions, which have already fallen by 24 per cent since 2015.

“I have a newfound respect for tradies now I understand the work that goes on behind the scenes,” Craggs says.

“I wanted to learn a new skill and challenge myself, and the Certificate II in Electrotechnology was a great entry course for me to understand if refrigeration was something I could handle.

“The course gave me practical skills I now apply in my apprenticeship, such as welding. It feels incredibly rewarding to help Woolworths reduce carbon emissions and be part of something bigger.”

Woolworths Apprenticeship Program Manager Caroline Fitzgerald says Geoffrey’s apprenticeship provides him with an opportunity to develop his career, and to be trained on some of the most advanced refrigeration systems in the market.

“At Woolworths, our refrigeration systems are at the forefront of technology and we are continually innovating and improving in this space,” Fitzgerald says.

“Apprentice refrigeration technicians like Geoffrey are involved in large-scale projects across the state, installing refrigeration systems into our new and existing supermarket stores.

“It’s great that Geoffrey has completed the Certificate II in Electrotechnology at TAFE NSW as it means he stood out when he applied for the apprenticeship. Once he commenced in February, he had a head start, due to the skills and knowledge he has already gained through pre-vocational training.”

To find out more about electrotechnology courses at TAFE NSW click here.

Woolworths will soon be commencing a new recruitment campaign to join its Sydney refrigeration Apprenticeship program. Expressions of interest are open here.

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