Australian Passivhaus Association Incubator

The Australian Passivhaus Association (APA) is debuting a program called the Passivhaus Incubator in 2024. The fully funded, two-month program aims to share the APA’s introductory Passivhaus knowledge with individuals in client and policy groups.

“Change takes place by empowering individuals with knowledge through facts, figures, research, contacts and experiences, and it can only take place in a supportive environment,” the APA says.

The program will teach applicants to:

  • Fast-track their organisation’s pathway to net zero through the implementation of Passivhaus
  • Promote and create healthier buildings for all Australians
  • Reduce the operational cost and energy wastage of the Australian building stock
  • Lift the performance of the Australian building stock to a global level
  • Promote best-practice construction and design methodology
  • Be an environmental custodian and market leader.

The APA is seeking candidates who are new to Passivhaus or have a limited understanding of the building standard. Candidates from specific types of organisations will be considered:

  • Local, state and federal government agencies
  • Property developers
  • Social and student housing providers
  • Educational institutions (applications from educators seeking to include Passivhaus in their curriculum, in addition to institutional property development teams)
  • Owner-operators of rental, community, and health facilities
  • Others who are in positions to influence client or policy outcomes, such as employees of built environment associations and building standards groups.

The APA specifies that professionals should have 10 or more years of experience and be able to demonstrate an ability and track record of implementing new ideas.

Attendees of the program will gain a strong foundation of knowledge about Passivhaus and receive access to a global pool of contacts, knowledge, and data to support the implementation and promotion of Passivhaus.

For more information and to apply, please click here.

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