Checklist for building energy efficiency

Master Builders Victoria has collaborated with CodeSafe, ICANZ, AIVAA, AIRAH, AWCINSW, IA and NECA to create two short videos that highlight good practices in building envelope integrity.

Insulation and air tightness are two factors with a large impact on the energy efficiency of a house and the comfort of the people living inside. To function best, the insulation needs to be installed correctly and the building envelope not compromised.

The videos highlight the areas of focus to keep a house comfortable and heating and cooling bills down.

The target audience includes construction site and contract coordinators, trades people, structured apprenticeship programs, building product manufacturers, salespeople and installers. They are easy for trades people to access onsite when needed, either via Youtube or the CodeSafe/QIN app using the QR code below.

Video 1: Insulation installation best practice – general, walls, ceilings, under floor
Video 2: Penetrations and envelope integrity – seal for AC, ventilation, electrical, plumbing, windows

How to access the application:

  1. Visit your app store
  2. Search ‘CodeSafe/QIN’, the select and download and install the application
  3. Run the CodeSafe/QIN app and select “scan now”
  4. When prompted, scan the QR code below.

QR code

More information is available here.

Also coming up in October is AIRAH’s Building Physics Forum. It will focus on the building envelope, air movement, thermal performance, control of moisture, sensible and latent energy, acoustic performance, light, solar control, climate and biology.

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