Cool podcasts from Danfoss

Danfoss is producing a series of educational podcasts on refrigeration. Hosted by Jens Andersen, a professional with over 40 years’ experience in the cooling industry, the series is aptly titled Chilling with Jens.

It reflects the growing popularity of podcasts for educational content. Many people are finding that their vehicle or even their train carriage can also double as a classroom with the right audio.

The podcasts are particularly suitable for newcomers to the world of HVAC&R. They take listeners through the basics of evaporative cooling, but also touch on more complex concepts such as enthalpy and different compressor types.

Episodes are on the short side – between five and 10 minutes each – so you might find yourself listening to two or three in a session. They easy to follow, and are delivered in Jens’ relaxed but engaging style.

“The podcast was designed to introduce installers and service technicians around the world to the principles, processes, and systems of evaporative refrigeration,” says Danfoss.

“It’s perfect to listen to during a daily commute, on a morning jog, or even while at work. We hope that cooling industry hopefuls and veterans alike will enjoy having an entertaining new learning resource at their fingertips.”

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