Expert advice on air filtration

The extensive suite of Design Application (DA) manuals published by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) is receiving some important updates.

To keep up with changes in the sector, AIRAH and its network of expert members periodically update the DA manuals and publish new editions. The latest of these is DA15 – Air Filters and Cleaning Devices, released in June.

The new version contains important updates:

  • Air-cleaning technology
  • Air contaminants
  • Air filters
  • Behaviour change recommendations
  • Filter performance and classification
  • Holistic life-cycle approach.

The release was supported by a webinar, attended by more than 60 people. Thanks to the success of the session, AIRAH expects to schedule more in the future.

The next cab off the DA rank will be the much-anticipated update to DA19 – HVAC&R Maintenance.

“DA19 is the leading industry guideline in Australia for good maintenance,” says Bryon Price, F.AIRAH. “We’re about to issue a new version of DA19, which has got improved aspects around sustainability, asset management and tuning performance. We’re very excited about putting that out there to the industry in the near future.”

Click here to access digital versions or order hard-copy versions of the DA manuals.

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