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Free online refrigerant course

Industry groups have joined together to create a free online course called Real Alternatives 4 Life, to provide education on the safe use of alternative refrigerants such as ammonia, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide.

The course has been developed in response to the European F-Gas Regulation, which encourages wider adoption of refrigerants with a lower global warming potential (GWP). 

The course offers a mix of e-learning, practical exercises, assessments and an e-library of learning resources. It brings together industry knowledge and expertise from across Europe about alternative refrigerants.

Module topics include:

  • Introduction to alternative refrigerants – safety, efficiency, reliability and good practice
  • Safety and risk assessment
  • System design using alternative refrigerants 
  • Containment and leak detection of alternative refrigerants
  • Maintenance and repair of alternative refrigerant systems
  • Retrofitting existing systems
  • Checklist of legal obligations when working with alternative refrigerants
  • Measuring the financial and environmental impact of leakage
  • Tools and guidance for conducting site surveys.

Click here to access the free online learning program.

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