Heatcraft offers CO2 training

Heatcraft’s first round of industry CO2 training will begin this month. It is open to refrigeration contactors and consultants who are interested in specifying, selling, installing, commissioning and servicing CO2 systems.

According to Heatcraft, the content will provide “first-hand experience for all participants to gain an understanding of CO2 refrigeration technologies, providing hassle-free installation, start-up and operation”.

The course will take place at the Heatcraft Milperra (NSW) training facility. Attendees will also receive product application training and first-hand installation tips.

“While there will be a significant focus on transcritical CO2 technology, our goal is to position this training, allowing knowledge building for all levels of contractors who are considering the use of CO2 refrigeration systems,” says lead presenter and Heatcraft segment engineer Douglas Herkess.

“We have been designing and manufacturing CO2/134a cascade racks since 2009, so we have extensive experience. With the successful manufacture and installation of our first two eCOBoost Transcritical Systems, combined with learnings from our Heatcraft Worldwide global partnerships, we have a comprehensive program that we can roll out.”

If you are interested in attending, email or call 13 23 50.

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