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A.G. Coombs expands COVID-19 advice

A.G. Coombs has expanded on its recently published advisory note exploring how COVID-19 could interact with HVAC systems, and has released a series of advisory notes.

The note series provides further information and advice about COVID-19 and HVAC systems.

The COVID-19 Advisory Notes Series includes:

  • Building Services Operation and Maintenance in COVID-19
    In the COVID-19 situation many buildings are experiencing significantly reduced occupancy and in some instances being vacated. Building owners are questioning: can the HVAC systems run at reduced levels or be shut down for an extended period to save running costs? Can mechanical, fire services and electrical maintenance be reduced or stopped? How to keep buildings compliant? What are the important issues to consider and what should be done?
  • HVAC and COVID-19
    There is considerable interest in the role that HVAC may play in the transmission of COVID-19. This advisory note provides an overview on viral transmission, how HVAC systems work, and the practical HVAC operational measures that can be considered along with possible design changes to reduce the likelihood of the virus spreading.
  • NABERS and COVID-19
    NABERS have released information on how NABERS ratings will be affected by COVID-19. This information has been developed into an accessible FAQ format to assist building owners, facility managers and NABERS assessors in assuring the retention of building ratings.
  • Humidity Control – Using HVAC to Reduce Infection Spread
    COVID-19’s substantial impact on our lives has caused us to reconsider how building HVAC systems can assist in reducing airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria. Humidity levels in indoor environments can play a key role part in infection control.

A.G. Coombs plans to add further notes to the series in the coming weeks, including Managing Cooling Towers in COVID-19 and Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation in HVAC to Reduce Infection Spread.

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