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New comprehensive guide to refrigeration

Fundamentals of Refrigeration is a new manual published by Volker Stamer, Director of the international Bitzer training centre Schaufler Academy.

According to Bitzer, the text is a comprehensive guide to refrigeration, with a wealth of basic information aimed at new entrants to the industry, and extensive reference material that will serve experienced refrigeration technicians.

“The manual gives new recruits and experienced readers alike an overview of all the important aspects of refrigeration and fills in partial knowledge gaps,” says Bitzer. “The content of the compact 220-page manual is both graphic and realistic for readers, from the fundamentals of thermodynamics and the components of a refrigerating circuit through to commissioning and troubleshooting refrigeration systems. The various subject areas of refrigeration are made easy to understand with numerous colourful diagrams, illustrations and overviews.”

The bilingual manual – written in English and German – was developed with the help of external experts such as Rainer Burger, Professor Johannes Reichelt and Michael Stalter, as well as Bitzer staff Hermann Renz, Dr Heinz Jürgensen and publisher Volker Stamer.

“The work makes an important contribution to raising the significance of our sector,” says Stamer.

“To the individual, refrigeration and air conditioning mostly operate unnoticed in the background, although every single one of us comes into contact with them – often without realising it. These days, you need cooling for everything. This work will help anyone who is interested learn more about the fascinating world of refrigeration, be they a beginner or more advanced.”

Fundamentals of Refrigeration is available in hardback and as an e-book, and is also available at a discount for students. For more information, click here.

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