New course focuses on sustainable HVAC

AIRAH has released a new accredited course that delves into sustainable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and operations.

Created with the support of the ARBS Foundation, the Professional Diploma in Sustainable HVAC Design and Operation is a modular online program that offers an advanced level of professional development for HVAC&R and building services industry professionals.

The course addresses issues around environmentally effective HVAC systems. This includes sustainability considerations, responsibilities and compliance, design principles, design considerations, design processes and documentation, operational evaluation, and sustainable operations management.

Instructional Designer at AIRAH, Lauren Murch, says the course took over a year to develop.

“We also had input from AIRAH members in developing the technical content,” she says.

Vince Aherne, F.AIRAH, was one of the members involved. He believes that building sustainability and HVAC sustainability need to become aligned, and the Professional Diploma offers insights on how to achieve this.

“We know the sustainability of a building is significantly impacted by the sustainability of the HVAC arrangements,” he says. “So what then drives the sustainability of HVAC?

“This course identifies that it is the design and operation of the building and the HVAC system itself that drives the sustainability impact. Not all buildings and not all HVAC systems are equal, and different HVAC systems are better suited to different applications and circumstances.”

The Professional Diploma consists of four modules, and students can enrol in the entire course or individual modules.

AIRAH Chief Executive, Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH, says the online delivery allows for a participant to start at any time, and build their own course by selecting elements from the four modules, or completing the full program.

“The program is the first of its kind as it will provide an unparalleled insight into sustainable HVAC systems and operations, which is wholly relevant to our industry,” he says.

The modules guide students through the design and selection of sustainable HVAC systems; current compliance and industry best-practice requirements; the design process and documentation of sustainable HVAC systems; and finally provides HVAC designers with a comprehensive knowledge of where and how energy is used in HVAC systems, and assessment tools and techniques.

Aherne says the Professional Diploma offers building and HVAC designers, and a range of aligned industry professionals, the appropriate knowledge and tools to effectively address questions such as HVAC resource consumption (energy, water, materials), low-emissions HVAC systems and low-carbon HVAC operation practices.

With Australia’s states and territories beginning to investigate or implement mandatory engineering registration schemes, targeted continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for building services professionals are becoming increasingly important.

Gleeson says AIRAH is very appreciative for the support the ARBS Foundation has provided to make this program available.

For more information about the course, please click here.

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