New RAC training package gets final approval

The updated UEE Electrotechnology Training Package, which includes many refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) qualifications, has now been endorsed by the skills ministers.

Key components of the updated package relate to changes to UEE32220 Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration to ensure it includes the latest refrigerants, technologies, standards, codes, and work health and safety requirements.

Other changes include the development of a new unit of competency for refrigerant recovery from end-of-life stationary RAC equipment and the addition of the safe handling of A2/A2L refrigerants unit. This was developed by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) and, together with the existing hydrocarbon refrigerant unit, will form the flammable refrigerant unit of competency.

Over the past four years, the Industry Reference Committee’s (IRC) RAC Technical Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from various industry stakeholder groups, has worked together to provide input and advice to the Australian Industry Standards organisation on these changes and updates. This training package contained over 80 qualifications and 600 units of competency.

The UEE Electrotechnology Training Package was approved by the AISC in August but still needed final endorsement from the skills ministers. It has now been published on the national register.

Normally, registered training organisations must transition to new training packages within 12 months of a revised package’s publication on the national register. However, in this case the AISC supported an extended transition timeframe of two years.

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