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New resources for building net zero homes

The South Australian government has established a learning hub to provide easy “one stop” access to builders, allied professions and trades seeking knowledge and skills for building energy-efficient and net zero energy homes.

The site has six training webinars and case studies that make up the Net Zero Homes training course for builders, developed by the South Australian government in collaboration with Design Matters National and Renew during 2022. This course was developed in consultation with Master Builders Association, Housing Industry Association, Green Building Council Australia and the New South Wales and Victorian governments to assist industry prepare for changes in the energy provisions of the NCC 2022 and meet consumer demand for efficient and comfortable net zero energy-ready homes in the future.

The program has been developed as part of the implementation of Supply Chain Development measures under the Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings, led by the South Australian government on behalf of and with funding from all states and territory jurisdictions and the Commonwealth.

In addition to hosting the Net Zero Homes course and a growing compilation of residential case studies for builders, the site includes a broad curation of links to supporting information sites. These are categorised by source, including government, community and industry networks, free online learning resources and alternative industry training offered by a range of RTOs and industry peak bodies.

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