Project Drawdown is calling for research fellows

Project Drawdown is calling for a new round of research fellows. The research fellows will develop solution-specific models, technical reports, and policy memos projecting the financial and climate impacts of “state-of-the-shelf” solutions deployed at scale over the next thirty years.

The fellows will augment previously conducted research and collect additional data as needed. They will also be assigned to specific aspects of developing the second phase of Project Drawdown’s research, which incorporates contextual boundaries and accelerators/enablers, and maps technologies and practices to other economic outcomes (e.g. health and well-being, ecosystem services, jobs, GDP, etc.)

Project Drawdown will provide the fellows with professional development training during the fellowship period and continue to offer resources, connections, and opportunities for fellows to become spokespeople and change agents in the climate solutions movement.

The 2018 Fellowship program will begin with an orientation period from August 1–31, and the Fellowship period will run from September 1–February 28, 2019. This is a full-time position for six months. Part-time positions may be available in special circumstances.

The priority deadline for applications is June 15.

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