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RRA launches augmented reality app

Refrigerant Reclaim Australia (RRA) has released a series of new digital training resources that provide an innovative and hands-on way for apprentices to understand the refrigerant recovery processes for various types of equipment.

“The processes for recovering refrigerant, pressure testing, evacuating and re-charging systems are critical for both upholding industry best practice and reducing the emission of ozone-depleting and high-GWP refrigerant gases,” says RRA.

“With each type of system requiring a different recovery process, training new apprentices on all systems can be challenging, especially with budget constraints and rapidly evolving technology.”

The digital resources include a training video series and an augmented reality (AR) refrigerant recovery training app specially developed by RRA and TAFE over the past 18 months. 

The app works on smartphones and tablets that support augmented reality. RRA will also be launching a desktop version for PC and Mac. The app allows apprentices to fully understand the recovery process for split-system air conditioners, vehicle air conditioners and commercial refrigeration systems.

Using the app, apprentices select a system and watch a detailed walkthrough before undertaking the process themselves through an interactive AR experience.

“By training with this modern-day tool, apprentices have a realistic experience of the process in a setting without the confines of the classroom, access to tools and the freedom to make errors without compromising safety, all while reducing the likelihood of accidental emissions of refrigerant,” says RRA.

“The AR app boasts an extensive step-by-step guide of all processes with a high level of detail. Apprentices are even asked to select the virtual tools and protective personal equipment required for the process before beginning. The app also includes a ‘Visualisation’ button, allowing apprentices to see and understand what is happening inside the system. This feature includes visualisations demonstrating gas pressure, speed and direction.”

RRA Director Kylie Farrelley has road-tested the app and predicts an extremely positive response from new apprentices and TAFE teachers alike.

“What we’ve developed here with TAFE means that our apprentices can continue to learn during this trying time and in the future in a safe and engaging manner.” 

Farrelley says these resources will continue to be developed, becoming more widely applicable in the future.

“There’s more we can do,” she says, “and we’re looking ahead.” 

To download the app, look for Refrigerant Recovery Sim on App Store or Play Store.

To watch the videos, click here.

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