Standards Australia calls for NEXTgen nominees

Standards Australia has opened a new round of the NEXTgen professional development program, aimed at industry experts who are interesting in learning about standards and their benefits.

“Standards Australia prides itself on bringing together key parties, stakeholders, and technical advisors to collaborate on the development and creation of standards which provide value to Australia, its businesses, and its people,” says Standards Australia.

“Just as important as the creation of standards, is the nurturing of those that help create them. With an ambition to foster the next generation of technical experts and industry representatives, Standards Australia’s NEXTgen program is designed with the future in mind.”

HVAC&R engineer and managing director and engineering manager of TechIn, Abraham Corona, M.AIRAH, participated in the NEXTgen program in 2018–19 and says that being involved enriched his understanding of how national and international standards are developed, analysed, and updated.

“It also taught me the power and significance of technical volunteering,” he says. “Every relevant standard worldwide is developed via consensus with expert volunteers. Ultimately, the NEXTgen program also has taken my problem-solving and leadership skills forward.”

Corona encourages anyone interested to apply.

“What are you waiting for?” he says. “The personal and Australian industry benefits and growth this program delivers have an invaluable outcome that will enhance the professional background of any young leader wanting to make a difference,” he says. “You will be guided into the standardisation world by the leading standards organisation in the country and one of the most respected ones in the world, working together with ISO, CEN and many more top international organisations and committees.”

The program runs for 10 months, over which time participants will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how a standard is created
  • Develop the key skills to become an effective committee member
  • Work and learn from some of the best in the business, including current committee chairs, leaders in their industry field and past NEXTgen participants
  • Hear from nominating organisations and establishing networks
  • Boost their professional profile
  • Develop communication, relationship building, effective negotiation and build a personal brand
  • Gain knowledge that can value-add for their employer and/or clients.

“With the aim of future-proofing standards development to reflect the people and communities that use them, NEXTgen recognises and engages diversity, values, and utilises each individual’s varied professional backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to nurture and generate new ideas,” says Standards Australia.

Applications close on Friday, July 16.

For more information and to apply, click here.

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