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VEU program targets gas bills and emissions

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program helps businesses and households cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It does this by providing access to discounted energy-efficient products and services.

Six new gas efficiency activities were recently added to the program, which provides access to energy-saving products through accredited providers. The activities can be undertaken by accredited persons.

The newly eligible gas efficiency upgrades include the installation of:

  • Energy-efficient gas-fired steam boilers
  • Energy-efficient gas-fired hot water boilers or water heaters
  • Electronic gas/air ratio controls on gas-fired Type B appliance burners
  • Combustion trim controls on gas-fired Type B appliance burners
  • New burners on gas-fired Type B appliances
  • Economisers on gas-fired Type B appliances.

The incentives were added to the VEU program in March in response to the increasing cost of gas.

They aim to help reduce cost barriers that businesses encounter when replacing or upgrading existing inefficient gas-fired steam boilers and/or water heaters.

Discounts are made possible through the generation of Victorian energy efficiency certificates from eligible upgrades by accredited providers. These providers then sell the certificates – each representing one tonne of abated greenhouse gas – to energy retailers who are required to buy and surrender a number of certificates each year.

For businesses that engineer, manufacture or maintain gas infrastructure, becoming accredited could be an opportunity to expand operations.

More details are available at the VEU website.

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  1. Most of what you say is to b commended. However some Victorian Social Housing have gas cooking stoves that must emit greenhouse gases far above the average household. The Gas Water heater I have must be pre 2,000. This water heater takes so long to deliver hot water. WhenI first used this water heater I assumed it was broken, until the neighbour assured me that it ran cold for the first couple of minutes and I should be patient. Surely The Government Housing should do a little better?

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