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AIRAH celebrates James Harrison Day

The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) has celebrated the birthday of James Harrison on April 17 by sharing stories and videos about the Australian refrigeration pioneer, including a digital version of his biography.

Harrison emigrated to Australia from Scotland in 1837 and later developed the first successful large-scale ice making machinery sold to industry. He was also behind the first attempt to ship frozen meat from Australia to Britain.

Harrison combined his inventive career with that of a journalist and politician. He founded the Geelong Advertiser and was a member for the Town of Geelong in the Victorian Legislative Council for several years.

For James Harrison Day this year, and coinciding with its Centenary year, AIRAH is offering free digital access to the book James Harrison – Pioneering Genius by WR (Roy) Lang.

AIRAH’s tribute to Harrison also features videos about his refrigeration breakthrough, and a list of winners of AIRAH’s James Harrison Medal – AIRAH’s highest honour – from 1972 until the present.

“We encourage you to take some time on April 17 to recognise the many individuals and organisations who contribute their time, energy, creativity and innovation to delivering and advancing HVAC&R,” says AIRAH. 

“These efforts are all integral in creating safe, sustainable, healthy and effective environments.”

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