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Belimo launches online training

HVAC field device manufacturer Belimo has announced the Australian launch of its webinar platform.

The Switzerland-based company has been conducting webinars in the US since 2012. The American webinars are delivered as part of Belimo University’s training programs that were designed to assist with understanding HVAC fundamentals.

According to regional application consultant, Asia Pacific, at Belimo Actuators Ltd, Andy Brooks, the Australian platform will help to circumvent ongoing coronavirus-related disruptions to some of the company’s industry education events.

“Given the recent COVID-19 outbreak, our Regional Application Consultants (RACs) have been unable to conduct lunch and learns – our typical format for delivering education to the market,” says Brooks. “We think this is an excellent time for the industry to revisit the status quo for specifications and standard practices onsite. 

“During a downturn such as the one the industry experienced in 2008, we know the businesses that came out of that the strongest were those who embraced change and took advantage of labour-saving technologies onsite, delivering value to their clients.”

Titled Pressure Independent Future, the first webinar offers a complete overview of the technology pertaining to how pressure-independent valves can provide better performance, at a lower installed capital cost when compared to pressure-dependant valves.

The content includes:

•  The differences between the valve technologies

•  How do we balance in a traditional system?

•  How do pressure-independent valves achieve balance?

•  What is the requirement to commission a pressure-independent system?

•  What is the cost benefit?

At the moment, Brooks says the information available on the platform will not be product-specific and can be applied generally.

“Our Regional Applications Consultants (RACs) delivering the webinars are not tied to sales targets in the way most sales professionals are. Nearly all of the KPIs for the RAC position are based around delivering knowledge, and this allows them to talk about the industry trends rather than specific products,” he says.

“In the future, our product management team will offer product-specific webinars but these should be pretty easy to spot.”

The Pressure Independent Future webinar will be held on May 20, from 3–4pm AEST.

You can register for the webinar here.

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