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Building 4.0 CRC Annual Showcase 2023 comes to Melbourne

Melbourne will host the Building 4.0 CRC Annual Showcase 2023 on March 22.

The Showcase is a mix of demonstrations, presentations and exhibitions.

“The Building 4.0 CRC Annual Showcase profiles some of our current and completed projects,” say the organisers. “It’s an opportunity for partners and researchers to interact with one another, build relationships, see outcomes from some of our projects, and discuss new ideas for the future.”

Building 4.0 CRC was established as part of the Australian government’s Cooperative Research Centre program in 2020.

“Through deep collaboration and new technologies of the fourth industrial age, Building 4.0 CRC will catapult the industry into an efficient, connected and customer-centric future. The CRC aims to capture new opportunities across the whole value chain in cooperation with government, research and industry organisations.”

Co-funded by the Australian government, the Building 4.0 CRC is an industry-led research initiative. “The CRC aims to develop an internationally competitive, dynamic and thriving Australian advanced manufacturing sector, delivering better buildings at lower cost and the human capacity to lead the future industry,” the CRC says.

This year’s Showcase is profiling projects, on topics such as:

  • Using augmented and virtual reality technologies for vocational education and training
  • Developing new integrated wall systems
  • Designing prefabricated housing solutions for areas affected by bushfires and other natural disasters
  • Developing a roadmap for introducing Industry 4.0 concepts to the building industry.

The Building 4.0 CRC Annual Showcase Melbourne Connect Forum will be held on the Mezzanine Level of 700 Swanston St, Carlton.

For more information and to register, click here.

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