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AIRAH Awards 2023: Celebrating Dr Federico Tartarini

Dr Federico Tartarini, Affil.AIRAH, received AIRAH’s Future Leader award at the AIRAH Awards in Sydney on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

The Future Leader Award is open to all AIRAH members who are actively engaged in the HVAC&R and building services industry. It recognises emerging leaders in any facet of the HVAC&R and building services industry. 

Dr Tartarini received the award for his significant contributions to the field of thermal comfort, HVAC&R systems, and heat stress. Spearheading international collaborations among research teams at several prestigious institutions, he has co-authored 23 scientific papers with 173 world-renowned experts in the HVAC&R field.

Dr Tartarini has led the development of several widely used web tools including the CBE Thermal Comfort Tool (which has >70k users/year), and the Sports and Medicine Australia Extreme Heat Policy tool, among others. The tools have had far-reaching impact among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. He has also played a crucial role in national and international standards, developing compliance paths for Singapore’s Green Mark Certification scheme, and authoring seven addenda for ASHRAE 55. In addition, Dr Tartini actively disseminates his findings and shares his expertise through his educational YouTube channel, reaching a global audience.

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