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Celebrating women in trades

Empowered Women in Trades (EWIT) is presenting The Empowered Women in Trades Gala and Awards on Friday, February 23, 2024 in Melbourne.

The awards celebrate the groundbreaking achievements and accomplishments of women and non-binary people in trades. With an anticipated gathering of 350 attendees, the event also presents a chance to be part of a larger narrative shaping the future of trades in Australia.

EWIT is a charity committed to inspiring women to pursue skilled trades careers, and aims to assist them through their programs and support.

Founder and CEO of EWIT, Hacia Atherton, says the event is a moment to shine a light on the stories of triumph, perseverance, and innovation that weave the rich tapestry of Australia’s trade-based industries.

According to EWIT, women represent only 3 per cent of skilled tradespeople, and increasing the number of female tradespeople could boost Australia’s GDP by 11 per cent and boost economic growth by $25 billion over the next decade.

The Empowered Women in Trades Gala and Awards includes “Tradie Lady of The Year”, “Apprentice of The Year” and “Innovator of Cultural Change”. The awards aim to shine a light on tradeswomen, industry professionals, and organisations across all trade sectors.

The EWIT Gala is also a fundraising event that supports vulnerable and at-risk women to enter the industry and overcome obstacles that have hindered their progress. The funds raised go towards offering women training programs, mentorship initiatives, job placement assistance, and continuous support to ensure their success in the industry.

“The upcoming EWIT Awards and Fundraising Gala are not merely events but a manifestation of our collective commitment to uplifting and honouring the remarkable individuals in our trades industry,” says Atherton.

Tickets for the event and more information is available here.

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