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Commissioning for airtightness

The Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMA) is holding a workshop on Wednesday, June 30 about the building envelope commissioning process for airtightness.

“If you think that getting an airtight building just means testing at the end, you’re in for disappointment,” say the organisers. “Green Star, Passive House, and good practice worldwide view commissioning as a fundamental part of quality control from start to finish. For building airtightness, that is especially true.”

The four-hour workshop will teach attendees how to deliver better outcomes to clients with benefits for building durability, energy efficiency, and occupant health and comfort. It will focus on deliverables at key stages in a project, and show examples of each deliverable:

  • Pre-design phase
  • Schematic design phase
  • Design development phase
  • Pre-construction phase
  • Construction phase
  • Verification phase.

Attendees will go through a whole project timeline themselves to learn what should be delivered, and will receive standard project specifications for air tightness and commissioning steps.

For more information, click here.

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