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Courses in WUFI hygrothermal analysis

Building envelope expert Pro Clima is running three online training sessions in June on WUFI, a program for calculating the coupled heat and moisture transfer in building components, in one and two dimensions, developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics.

Analysis of the coupling of heat and moisture is known as hygrothermics. Hygrothermal analysis can predict the transfer of both heat and moisture through and within complicated building elements. This is particularly important for helping to predict the risk of moisture problems in building elements during the design phase.

The WUFI Fundamentals (1D) session is a one-day course scheduled for June 2. It will provide an introduction to the science of coupled heat and moisture analysis. Participants will learn what hygrothermal modelling and WUFI software are capable of, become confident to request an analysis from a practitioner, and understand modelling outputs.

This will be followed by the WUFI User (1D) course, on June 16. Participants will learn how to perform one-dimensional hygrothermal modelling of building elements such as walls, roofs and floors using WUFI Pro. Participants will also be shown how to set up and run a WUFI 1D simulation of a building element, and how to interpret and present the results of the simulation.

Finally, on June 23, Pro Clima will present WUFI Advanced (2D). In this session, participants will learn how to set up and run a WUFI 2D simulation of a building structure such as a wall-floor connection.

For more information on the courses and to register, click here.

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