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CSIRO shares ‘top tips’ for household energy efficiency

The CSIRO is running a free public webinar and sharing expert tips on how to improve energy efficiency in homes through renovations and retrofits.

“We all want our homes to be comfortable, healthy, sustainable, and inexpensive to run,” says the CSIRO. “So how do we get there? What’s the best way to retrofit and renovate our homes for energy efficiency?”

Data from the CSIRO’s Australian Housing Data Portal shows that the average existing house is rated 2.2 stars on the NatHERS scale for energy efficiency. It is a strikingly low number, given that the National Construction Code now mandates that all new homes meet a minimum 6-star rating, and the highest possible rating is 10 stars.

But according to the CSIRO, the average renovation jumps up to 4.9 stars. It notes that renovating wisely could represent a 30–50 per cent reduction in heating and cooling needs, saving money.

CSIRO scientist and former building designer Anthony Wright, and CSIRO scientist and former architect Michael Ambrose have provided a series of tips. Most of these relate directly or indirectly to heating and cooling. Topics include:

  • How to renovate homes to save money and energy
  • How to retrofit homes to save energy and money
  • Advice for renters
  • Quick wins and how to get the best bang for your buck
  • Best tips based on your local climate.

Ambrose, building physics expert Jenny Edwards, Affil.AIRAH, and architect, landscape architect, maker and researcher Belinda Allwood will be presenting a free webinar on December 3. They will discuss renovating and retrofitting homes for improved thermal comfort.

To register for the webinar, click here. It will also be available as a recording after the event.

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