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DFC looks to a ‘regenerative’ future

The Design Futures Council (DFC) has announced a leadership summit on sustainable design and ecological stewardship. The summit will take place in Sydney on March 28–29.

Titled Towards a Regenerative Future, the event will pull together a “unique range of action-oriented, inspirational and aspirational stories, from global leaders from across the spectrum of architecture, engineering, construction, development and design”.

The program features a line-up of speakers from Australia and abroad. Jason Twill is director of Urban Apostles and an internationally recognised leader in built environment innovation, regenerative urbanism, housing affordability, and property economics.

Josie Plout is executive director of CLEAR and a founding developer of the LENSES Framework and Associate Director for the Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University.

Makoto Ocihai is product development manager – Sharwood, Sekisui House. The company is a leader in modular sustainable homes, and has built more than 35,000 net-zero energy homes in Japan.

Alexia Lidas, managing director of design intelligence for the Design Futures Council, will also be speaking. Joining her are other industry leaders from ARUP, Integral Group, McGregor Coxall, and Polymer Studios.

“In the past 20 years, professional practices have made strides in the battle to make our built environment more sustainable,” says the DFC.

“However, the reality we face is that the magnitude of the issues is growing, and our achievements to date have barely brushed the surface of the problem. Humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services outpaces the Earth’s ability to regenerate.

“The forum will focus on challenging the status quo and discovering new approaches to practical, effective, and regenerative practice.

“Professional firms – as well as academics and government officials – will convene to learn about new approaches that can be immediately implemented in firms and organisations. This experience is designed to explore where the thinking and designs within of our firms/leaders must be to work towards a regenerative future.”

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