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Educating manufacturers on energy productivity

Energy productivity for manufacturers will be the focus at the Innovation X-Change conference on Monday, August 13 at Eithad Stadium in Melbourne.

With energy prices at record levels and little sign of decline, the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) has identified the importance of energy productivity, particularly in manufacturing. The conference is therefore aimed at helping manufacturers get the most out of the energy they use.

Innovation X-Change will feature case studies, experience sharing, idea swapping and networking. Four sessions will run for one and a half hours each and will be followed by a networking reception. The topics include:

  • How to use energy effectively to cut costs
  • Developing a business case and securing financing and support
  • Technologies available to boost energy efficiency
  • The hype around Industry 4.0 – the digital revolution and the gains it offers

Among the speakers are experts from industry (including HVAC&R), government and academia.

A2EP says the event is ideal for general and process managers from relevant businesses as well as other associates in industry. Registration for the event is open with options for attending the full day or the morning or afternoon sessions.

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