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Finalist countdown for Global Cooling Prize

The Global Cooling Prize – a competition designed to spur development of a radically more energy efficient cooling technology – will be announcing its finalists at a ceremony in New Delhi, India on November 15.

This event is being co-hosted by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India; Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI); and Mission Innovation.

It will feature the cooling technologies selected as the finalists of the Global Cooling Prize and keynote presentations on the technologies. The solutions will be selected based upon their potential to have at least five times less climate impact than standard entry-level room AC units being sold in the market today, while demonstrating performance on all the other prize criteria.

Each of the selected teams will be awarded the first installment of a US$200,000 award to develop and deliver two working prototypes of their cooling technology for testing in India over the summer of 2020.

“Out of the 2000-plus teams that registered for the prize, we have received a total of 445 submissions from innovators across 56 different countries led by the US and India and closely followed by Canada, Australia, China, Japan and a number of EU member nations,” says Global Cooling Prize Manager Radhika Lalit.

“These submissions are from a diverse set of innovators including individuals, startups, major AC manufacturers, notable universities and research institutions. Based on the submission descriptions, we believe we will see a wide diversity of solutions through this competition; some of which are more efficient derivatives of today’s vapor compression technology and some which are not-in-kind technologies including thermoelectric, electrocaloric, and barocaloric to name just a few.”

The award ceremony will also feature special remarks from global leaders and policymakers on the dais.

The guest list for the ceremony includes government officials, research institutions, VC firms and investors, innovators, startups, AC leaders, and industry associations. There will be speeches from leaders in innovation, energy, and technology, and opportunities for networking opportunities.

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