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Shecco, the organiser of ATMOsphere, and the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) are teaming up to host an online event entitled “The Future of Air Conditioning”.

Taking place from June 23–24, the ATMO/DTI Technical Conference will feature a range of special topics and technical sessions delivered by leading experts.

On the first day, Senior Fellow of Rocky Mountain Institute, Iain Campbell, will be presenting a keynote speech on the Global Cooling Prize. It is an innovation competition organised by the Institute to develop a climate-friendly residential cooling solution.

Other topics and segments of the day include a look at market trends in the industry; an overview of the Danish perspective on industry trends; a policy panel to discuss regulations (present and future); and an incentives session based on the theme of “Clean Cooling”.

The second day will be more technically focused, beginning with a keynote session then followed by a panel discussion on “Future Possibilities of NatRefs in HVAC”.

Two technical sessions presenting in-depth case studies are scheduled to dominate the second day’s proceedings. One of them will focus on large-scale air conditioning applications such as chillers, heat pumps and multi-split systems. The other session will be about small-scale applications such as split-units and air-handling with integrated heat pumps.

“The motivation behind organising this event comes from seeing the natural refrigerant trend emerge within the air conditioning sector,” says CEO of shecco, Marc Chasserot.

“Though these are still early stages, there are enough topics, speakers, and interest to host an event that will showcase already-existing solutions as well as show where the future is headed.”

Click here for the full program highlights, speaker list and registration details.

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