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Free webinar on cooling tower technology

Models of Success and Sustainability (MOSS) is holding a free webinar on Thursday, February 20.

MOSS presented the IVG–CT at Isle’s second Industrial TAG meeting on November 15, 2019. Vortex Processing Technology (VPT) is a new disruptive “CleanTechnology” that has been developed to improve commercial cooling tower (CT) performance, reduce maintenance inputs and operating costs. The IVG-CT is a physical water treatment solution. 

The system incorporates the low-energy Vortex Process Technology (VPT) and UV-C light microbiology for chemical free cooling tower water treatment.

This webinar is a follow-up to the iTAG presentation at the request of the attendees and the original technology developers will delve deeper into the process, technology benefits and user experiences.

VPT is claimed to de-gas microbubbles through a vacuum action, thereby lowering the viscosity of the water, raising its surface area and enhancing cooling capacity. The IVG-CT is a solution for chemical-free cooling water treatment, aimed at preventing scaling, corrosion and biological problems.

  • Håkan Grönlund: CEO and co-founder of H2oVortex
  • Tom Smolarek: President at Cypress
  • Paul Delaney: senior engineer at Southern California Edison (SCE).

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