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The Future of Refrigerants: Unitary and VRF Systems

ASHRAE is presenting a webcast called The Future of Refrigerants: Unitary and VRF Systems this April. The two-hour session will be held on two days and times to suit international time differences.

The webcast will examine the world’s most prolific air conditioning system configurations. It will look at how those systems can adapt to worldwide regulatory restrictions and corresponding advancements in refrigerant technology.

The topics under discussion include:

  • How the refrigerant industry will meet the needs of installed packaged and split system air conditioners, specifically VRF systems
  • Future trends in DX air conditioning (including VRF) equipment design, performance and application
  • Future of low-GWP refrigerant options for unitary products, if future refrigerant retrofits are possible, and how to recognize the challenges and best practices in working with flammable refrigerants.

Douglas Tucker, Director of Industry and Government Relations at Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating (MEUS), Sarah Kim, R&D at Arkema Fluorochemicals and Stephen Kujak, Director of Next Generation Refrigerant Research at Ingersoll Rand, will present the webcasts.


Register for Wednesday, April 17, 7–9pm EDT (GMT -4:00h)
Register for Thursday, April 18, 11am–1pm EDT (GMT -4:00h)

More information is available via ASHRAE’s website.

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