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Future Skilling Australia’s Workforce

Hosted by prominent journalist and author Kerry O’Brien, Australian Industry Standards is holding a series of free Industry Skills Forums around the country to explore current and future skilling needs in the digital age. As more jobs become automated, industries will need to work together to tackle what our workforce of the future will need.

Although digital transformation brings benefits across the economy, significant change can lead to skills shortages and impact business performances.

The forums will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to make a real contribution to shaping the workforce skills and priorities for their industries. Industry leaders will participate in Q&A panel discussions about future skilling in an age of digital transformation and new thinking about jobs and careers.

Australian Industry Standards (AIS) is an independent, not-for-profit Skills Service Organisation (SSO) that develops qualifications and skills standards across a range of Australian industries. AIS works under the direction of 11 Industry Reference Committees (IRC) that represent the following sectors: energy, aviation, transport and logistics, maritime, rail, water, public safety, police, fire, defence and corrections.

The first skills forum will begin in Canberra on September 11.


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