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Future:Air ready to roll

More major industry organisations have thrown their support behind the Future:Air seminar series, running throughout Australia next week.

Associations ARBS and Refrigerants Australia have now joined AREMA and AMCA in supporting Future:Air.

The seminar series will deliver information to help prepare businesses that own, manage or repair chillers and large air conditioning equipment for the arrival of new systems, equipment, technology and regulations.

AREMA Executive Director Greg Picker will be speaking at the event and believes the changes coming will be significant.

“Australia has a long history of responding both practically and innovatively to change,” says Picker. “That said, it seems likely that the changes coming may well be profound and offer fantastic opportunities for that segment of the industry that is prepared and looking at the future with eyes wide open.”

The sessions will explore options for better energy efficiency, more environmentally friendly refrigerants and units, and greater use of digital systems. But Picker says it’s about more than just technology.

“There will also be a broader change in relation to how the equipment is used. Building shells and HVAC systems will evolve, the deployment of enhanced BIM systems, opportunities for building owners to buy cooling and not equipment are all areas where we may see dramatic developments over the next few years.

“If people can understand, use and maximise the performance of their equipment and systems, it will have a direct impact on their cost of business and their profitability. Early adopters have the chance to help deliver improved comfort and performance, with a lower environmental impact and at a lower cost.

“Understanding the changes under way helps position companies to plan for and adapt to the future. Future:Air helps make this happen.”

The seminars will run in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne during May 20–24, and each event will run between 7.30am and 9.30am with breakfast provided.

Speakers at the seminars will include:

  • Stephen R Yurek (United States) – CEO and President of AHRI
  • Andrea Voigt (Europe) – Director general of EPEE
  • Stuart Kirkwood (Australasia) – Business leader for Australia and New Zealand Region, Ingersoll Rand
  • Greg Picker (Australia) – Executive director of AREMA and Refrigerants Australia.

The Future:Air seminars will also explore the current and expected regulatory changes that will impact the design, purchase and use of chillers and large air-conditioning equipment.

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