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Game-changing solutions for cold chains

A virtual exhibition has been launched to demonstrate potential game-changing systems solutions for cold chains.

Organised by the Ozone Secretariat and the OzonAction Programme of the United Nations Environment Programme, the exhibition promotes and highlights sustainable cold chain solutions for food loss and waste reduction, ozone layer protection, and climate change mitigation.

“The exhibition mainly targets applications and equipment that use refrigerants with zero ozone-depleting potential, low global warming potential and enhanced energy-efficiency features,” the organisers say. “It also aims to promote game-changing and systemic approaches, relevant initiatives, and not-in-kind solutions to cold chains.”

The exhibition hopes to attract three main groups. One is made up those developing or manufacturing efficient ozone- and climate-friendly cold chain technologies.

Another comprises those who might be researching such technologies with the idea of implementing them at industrial and/or commercial facilities.

And finally, anyone who might be interested in game-changing systems solutions for cold chains is welcome to check out the exhibition.

The Ozone Secretariat and OzonAction Programme of the United Nations Environment Programme  are technology-neutral, and do not endorse, approve or promote any specific technology or approaches from any company or organisation in any form.

“This virtual technology exhibition aims to facilitate the dissemination of information on existing sustainable cold chains in an unbiased manner,” the organisers say.

For more information on the exhibition, click here.

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