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i-Hub Integrated Design Studios Symposium

AIRAH and the Innovation Hub for Affordable Heating and Cooling (i-Hub) are hosting a free Symposium about the Integrated Design Studios (IDS) initiative. The online event will feature three two-hour sessions from October 25–27.

The Integrated Design Studios concept is about involving HVAC&R engineers at the early stages of the building design process. The conceptual design stage of a project is the point where decisions can make the most impact and changes can be made at least cost.

Early collaboration between architects, HVAC&R engineers and other stakeholders creates opportunities to deliver major cost and energy savings.

The Symposium sessions will offer updates and insights into the i-Hub IDS technologies and research, and will include live panels with key industry leaders.


Day one:
Monday, October 25
The first session explores the latest updates to the IDS schools and data centres, and the panel will discuss key IDS principles.
Day two:
Tuesday, October 26
The second session includes an update from the University of Wollongong and will explore the IDS aquatic and aged care facilities. The panel will also cover key IDS practices.
Day three:
Wednesday, October 27
The Symposium will end with a presentation from representatives from the Queensland University of Technology. They will cover Zero Carbon Design Education and the Carbon Catalogue, along with the latest IDS findings and outputs. The panel will also look at the future of IDS and what’s next.

Registrations for the sessions are open here, or more information is available here.

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