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IoT – The Neurology of Building Operations

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE ANZ) is holding a seminar series called “IoT – The Neurology of Building Operations” in Australia and New Zealand in September. The seminars will focus on how to use the Internet of Things (IoT) for better building operation.

According to CIBSE, denser populations are bringing about the rise of precincts and creating opportunities to use technology to enhance the lives of occupants and users. With this comes the added complexity of balancing safety and security with the need to provide more intelligence to these spaces.

“Technology should be there to support these new precincts and not drive their development,” says CIBSE. “As people move between the difference spaces within a precinct they want the ability to make use of this technology to improve their experience, not detract from it. So careful planning to address current needs with a clear view of future flexibility is key to these smart precincts.”

The seminars will explore how to read data to maximise a building’s potential and deliver a balance between occupant comfort and operational efficiency.

There will be eight presentations at the half-day seminars. They are suitable for building owners, designers, constructors and operators.


Perth: Tuesday, September 3, at Central Park, St Georges Terrace
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Sydney: Tuesday, September 10, at Four Season Hotel, 199 George Street
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Melbourne: Thursday, September 12, at Melbourne Museum, 1 Nicholson Street
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Auckland: Tuesday, September 17, at Beca House, 21 Pitt Street
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Brisbane: Thursday, September 19, at Cromwell House, Level 19, 200 Mary Street
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