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MHIAA announces training on A2/A2L refrigerants

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australian (MHIAA) and Superior Training Centre are running a course on A2/A2L refrigerants in Sydney on June 7.

Pushed along by the HFC phase-down, manufacturers have been rapidly switching their split system air conditioning units from R410a (with a GWP of 2,088) to R32 (GWP 675).

According to the Expert Group – authors of the Cold Hard Facts series of reports – market penetration for 2018 was expected to be over 70 per cent. The complete transition of small AC is expected to take around five years from start to greater than 95 per cent penetration – similar to the timeframe for industry to transition from HCFC-22 to HFC-410A.

Despite the increased presence of this refrigerant, however, many technicians still lack specific training in handling R32. It differs from R410A in that it operates at higher pressures and is also classed as an A2L (mildly flammable) gas.

Last year, a unit of competency for training in A2/A2L refrigerants was officially endorsed. Now MHIAA is offering the training for the first time in Australia at its Regents Park headquarters.

Participants must possess a Certificate II in Split Air-Conditioning Systems or Certificate III in Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration. The course will be delivered by Superior Training Centre’s Peter McQueen (BTech) and will cover:

• Theoretical training covering A2L Refrigerants
• Practical training in refrigerant recovery
• Pressure testing and leak testing
• Evacuation and recharge training.

The course will run from 8.30am-5pm on June 7 at Block E, 391 Park Road, Regents Park, NSW.

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