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New podcast on building physics

A new episode of the AIRAH on Air podcast features highlights and experts’ insights from the 2019 Building Physics Forum.

The event, held in Melbourne from October 23–24 last year, featured 35 presenters discussing topics such as air movement, thermal performance, passive house, control of moisture, sensible and latent energy, acoustic performance, light, solar control, climate and biology. It also featured workshops, including a very popular blower door demonstration.

AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH, says the Building Physics Forum has created a much-needed cross-disciplinary meeting point for HVAC specialists, scientists, architects and builders.

“When we ran the inaugural Building Physics Forum in 2018, it immediately struck a chord,” says AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH. “People who had been working away separately finally discovered a community of professionals who all spoke the same language, and who were all focused on the same issues.”

Parts of last year’s forum were captured for the AIRAH on Air podcast. These appear in the latest episode.

Marcela Brauner from Holistic Building Services and Dr Arianna Brambilla from the University of Sydney both presented at the conference, and then spoke to AIRAH on Air about their work in building physics.

The podcast also features the presentation of Jenny Edwards, Affil.AIRAH, from Light House Architecture & Science. Edwards talks about her experiences trying to improve building design on the ground, by working directly with Australian home-owners.

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