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RACE for clean energy 2030

The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) is calling for industry to take part in a series of surveys to help determine future energy needs in different sectors.

A2EP is a partner of the RACE for 2030 Collaborative Research Centre (CRC), which aims to accelerate the transition to reliable, affordable and clean energy for 2030.

The organisation is leading the engagement of end-users and other organisations in flexible demand, process heating and value chain optimisation.

The RACE for 2030 researchers will use the information they collect to understand future energy needs and the obstacles and opportunities in specific sectors, and then recommend focus areas for action to support Australia’s future energy use.

Researchers are currently collecting information about using electrification and renewables to displace fossil fuel process heating.

This survey seeks to map the current process heat technologies, practices and needs of Australian companies. The information collected will assist in developing an industry roadmap for the decarbonisation of process heat in Australia.

​More information about the surveys is available here.

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