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Reality TV gets sustainable

The CRC for Low Carbon Living and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage have co-funded a home makeover show with a difference.

Renovate or Rebuild has two teams competing to convince a Sydney-based family that they have the best solution to creating a healthier, more spacious and energy efficient home for the owners.

Team Renovate, headed by former Channel 9’s The Block contestants Michael and Carlene, believe the family should renovate their existing home. Team Rebuild, led by The Block’s Norm and Jess, think the family should knock down and rebuild.

The two solutions are judged by an expert panel on style, sustainability, and cost. But ultimately the decision will come down to the family – will they renovate or rebuild?

Renovate or Rebuild is based on the CRCLCL’s social research to positively influence the uptake of energy efficient, sustainable and low carbon homes, new builds and home renovations.

The first episode is available to watch here.

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