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Simulation technology and CFD

The South Australian chapter of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), in collaboration with IFE, IHEA, IPEA and AMCA, is presenting a session on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in Adelaide on Thursday, July 18.

“Do you know how simulation technology has the ability to investigate many flow challenges which can introduce light into our assumptions regarding the movement of fluids and heat transfer throughout a space?” says CIBSE.

“Our two presenters – Dr Colin Allison, M.AIRAH, from Simultude and John Brodie from Airius – have considerable expertise in the field of simulation technology through CFD and will explore such parameters.”

Allison will explain aspects of CFD involving calibration of  models with test data, examples of CFD applications and advantages of this technology over wind tunnel testing. Brodie will offer, from an air-moving technology distributor point of view, his further experience of CFD, which assists in understanding of how their patented air turbine technology assists in cooling, heating, the saving of energy and replacement of air conditioning ductwork within a multitude of installations and spaces.

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