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Speaker opportunities with AIRAH

The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) is inviting industry experts to submit proposals for sessions at the Outlook 2020 conference, the Big Data and Analytics Forum, and the Building Physics Forum.

Outlook 2020 will take place in Sydney from November 8–10 and is AIRAH’s headline event for the year. It brings together the annual Future of HVAC Conference and the AIRAH Awards presentation gala as part of the Institute’s centenary celebrations.

Last year saw a record crowd of 230 industry professionals gather in Brisbane for the Future of HVAC Conference, and due to the landmark nature of this year’s event, an even larger attendance is anticipated.

AIRAH is seeking abstracts on an array of subjects that address and discuss the impact global forces are having on the future of the HVAC&R industry. This includes innovation and disruption; climate change, sustainability, adaptation and resilience; urbanisation; demographic and social change; and regulation and legislation.

Submissions close on March 13.

The Big Data and Analytics Forum 2020 will be held on August 6 in Melbourne. The event breaks down what big data is, and how the industry can use it to improve the built environment’s operational efficiencies.

Last year’s inaugural Big Data and Analytics Forum was held in Sydney and brought together an enthusiastic audience of 120 attendees including IT and controls experts, facilities managers, building owners, consultants and building services providers.

Presentations for this year’s event may cover topics such as using big data for science and engineering research, applications and evaluation of real-time big data systems, utilisation of multiple data sets from disparate systems, big data for improving resilient infrastructures and creating smart cities, and big data security and privacy. Case studies are also welcome.

For a longer list of potential topics, click here. Submissions close on February 28.

The Building Physics Forum focuses on methods of controlling heating, air and moisture flows across a building’s fundamental architectural elements and assemblies. It is slated for September 16–17 in Brisbane.

Since the conference began in 2017, it has been a vital space for professionals working in areas such as air movement, thermal performance, passive house, control of moisture, sensible and latent energy, acoustic performance, light, solar control, climate and biology.

AIRAH is inviting abstracts on any of those topics, and more. Submissions close on March 27.

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