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Speakers announced for Refrigeration 2020

As AIRAH heads into its centenary year, the first celebration off the ranks will be the Refrigeration Conference 2020.

An impressive list of speakers has been announced for the conference, taking place in Melbourne from March 23–24.

The keynote speakers are Thomas Lund of Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration from Denmark, and Bruce Nelson, M.AIRAH, of Colmac Coil Manufacturing.

They will headline a list of more than 20 speakers and four panel sessions over the two days – and the list is still growing.

AIRAH’s Professional Development Manager Brendan Pejkovic says the conference continues to expand on topics that are of paramount importance to the global refrigeration sector.

“Each year, we see this event expand in its attendance and scope,” he says. “The 2020 conference looks to be the biggest yet.”

Lund will speak about energy efficiency in industrial-sized refrigeration systems, and will review how and why Danfoss has tried to perform more accurate calculations of system performance by defining rules for sizing components (such as air coolers) and applying these to all systems equally.

Nelson’s presentation will examine each of the natural refrigerants and offer a prediction of the maximum possible and practical level of energy efficiency for each, based on current technology and available components.

Other speakers at Refrigeration 2020 will address the latest developments in legislation and technology, as well as a multitude of specific case studies. The trade display will also provide participants with the opportunity to interact with leading industry suppliers.

AIRAH CEO Tony Gleeson, M.AIRAH, says it’s hard to believe that in the past 100 years we have gone from having cooling safes hanging in trees, to drive-through refrigerated warehouses that can house football fields of goods.

“Perhaps in a few years we will see a system that cools our food using reclaimed carbon emissions,” he says.

“The conference is an opportunity to explore, investigate and share ideas to create a future where anything is possible.”

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