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ASHRAE has announced the winners of the 2023 Student Design Competition and the Setty Family Foundation Applied Engineering Challenge.

Students were challenged to design the HVAC system for a laboratory facility located in Cairo, Egypt, for the 2023 Student Design Competition. This consisted of a large single-story building with a rooftop penthouse equalling about 2,515m2.

The teams were invited to compete in one of three categories:

  • HVAC design calculations
  • HVAC system selection
  • Setty Family Foundation net zero energy design.

Jackson Fritch, John Latta, and Clayton Riley from the University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Nebraska) won the HVAC design calculations category.

Lawrence Copestick, Hasan Shwaish, Hitaishi Gopaul, Cian Silaghi and Zain Tariq of the University of Sheffield (Sheffield, England) came first in the HVAC system selection category.

Thomas Crook, Girish Gudnennavar, Mirza Baig, Alex He and Rodrigo Gonzalez from Loughborough University (Loughborough, England) won the Setty Family Foundation net zero energy design category.

The 2023 Setty Family Foundation Applied Engineering Challenge required students to design a portable indoor air quality (IAQ) health meter to detect contaminants in spaces and display the levels of different toxins to the user. The system was required to consider multiple system variables including space temperature, humidity, contaminant levels, and outdoor conditions.

A team from the Bandung Institute of Technology in Bandung, Indonesia claimed first place. The students on the team included Lie Kevin Marcellino Gunawan, Andrew Tanuwijaya, Nur Fharhan Al Fariz, Frederick Ebenezer Leonard, Muhammad Maulvi Mirza Chairat and Muhammad Arghy Rafidan.

The first-place teams in the net zero energy design and applied engineering categories will each receive a cash prize of US$5,000, and the winners of the HVAC design calculations and HVAC system selections will receive a cash prize of US$2,000. The teams also receive funding to attend the 2024 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Chicago, USA, from January 20–24, 2024.

For a full list of the competition winners, please click here.

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