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The Future of NABERS Energy

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) is seeking submissions for The Future of NABERS Energy (FoNE) paper. The FoNE project seeks to adapt NABERS Energy to match changes in the industry.

NABERS Energy currently uses the National Greenhouse Accounts (NGA) emissions factors to compare buildings that use different mixes of energy sources. These NGA factors are published by the government on a yearly basis, but haven’t been updated since 1998.

The paper states that the production of electricity in Australia has evolved and renewable energy generation has increased.

“This has resulted in a trend towards the decarbonisation of the electricity grid, and reduced NGA factors for electricity in most Australian states and territories.”

Stakeholders have expressed concern that if NABERS Energy continues to use the 1998 NGA factors, it may begin to drive undesirable outcomes in the industry.

Key topics in this consultation paper include: 

  • Update to the emissions factors used in NABERS 
  • Recognition for net zero emissions 
  • Enhanced recognition for renewable energy purchases 
  • Aligning to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s market-based carbon accounting method 
  • Renewable energy purchasing.

NABERS will also be holding a webinar on Tuesday, May 26 to present the information in the consultation paper. Registrations are open here.

For more information and to download the consultation paper, please click here.

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