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Webinar on airborne transmission of coronavirus

The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) is presenting a webinar on Thursday, September 3, on airborne transmission of coronavirus.

Since the pandemic began, more attention has been focused on the possibility of aerosol transmission of the virus. This session, presented as part of AIRAH’s Streamline series of webinars, will look at what this means for ventilation systems as both potential carriers of the virus, and important mechanisms for reducing the risk of transmission within buildings.

The webinar will be presented by Patrick Chambers, Affil.AIRAH, an Associate Mechanical Project Engineer at Stantec. Chambers is involved extensively in the healthcare sector including design and business case roles for a variety of hospital redevelopment, refurbishment and mechanical infrastructure upgrade projects around Australia.

The presentation will unpack the theory of microdroplet transmission, with reference to some key experimental studies that have framed the current understanding of this mode of transmission. Parameters such as relative humidity, droplet size distribution and vocal activities will be discussed with reference to the established literature to assist in demonstrating the patterns of microdroplet transmission.

It will also include a summary of key research gaps that are being targeted in order to work towards a quantitative risk-assessment method that can be applied to different types of buildings.

Chambers will comment on potential impacts to other sectors and future trends in the industry.

The webinar will run from 12.30–1.15pm (AEST) | 12–12.45pm (ACST) | 10.30–11.15am (AWST).

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