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What’s on: World Refrigeration Day

The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) has set up a special webpage listing activities taking place for World Refrigeration Day.

The inaugural World Refrigeration Day is on June 26. It aims to raise awareness of the HVAC&R sector and the vital role it plays in modern life and society.

“Refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump technologies and applications have evolved out of a human need for food, comfort and thermal processes, with a history dating back centuries,” says former Institute of Refrigeration president and current World Refrigeration Day champion Stephen Gill.

“However, it remains a longstanding frustration for those working within the industry that it is not widely recognised that modern life could not exist without it. Nor is there any appreciation by wider society for the skills and knowledge employed on a daily basis by industry professionals.”

Support for a global day has already come from the US, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Africa and across Europe.

In Australia, AIRAH has thrown its support behind the initiative. It has set up the webpage to celebrate the industry and list the many activities planned for the day.

The Australian Refrigeration Council, Woolworths, Kirby and Actrol have all indicated they will be marking the day with special activities. For the most recent listing of events, visit the AIRAH World Refrigeration Day page.

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